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Programmable Digital Power Controller VLSI Design

Programmable Digital Power Controller provides closed-loop feedback control, system protection and power management functions for switched mode power systems and motor control applications. Digital signal processors, micro-controllers, flash memory and fast A/D converters will soon do to power conversion technology what they did to 35mm cameras. Here is the VLSI design architecture for Programmable Digital […]

>>> Programmable Digital Power Controller VLSI Design

A power-management system operates autonomously to provide continuous supervision, takes pre-programmed action in response to faults, sends back system-health data and determines if repairs are needed. Designers of today’s networking equipment are being pushed to increase the data throughput and performance of their systems, as well as add functionality and features that differentiate them from […]

>>> Digital Power Management System

Digital Power Control, Digital Power Conversion, and Digital Power Management are rapidly increasing. Digital control inside an on-board power supply facilitates improved efficiency, reduced total cost and advanced system power management. Latest advanced systems require many ASICs, DSPs and processors with multiple voltage rails—line cards with 30 to 40 rail voltages are not uncommon. In […]

>>> Digital Power Control Management and Digital Power Conversion

Mechanical energy harvesting devices have many advantages over other “renewable” power sources, such as solar or temperature gradient, related to their simpler design and the fact that they are not conditioned to a temperature difference or illumination level. Mechanical energy is usually converted into electricity by using electrostatic, electromagnetic or piezoelectric transduction mechanisms. The omnipresence […]

>>> Electromagnetic Energy Harvester

Robots are controlling everything. Now Robotic Solar-Panel Sun Tracking project is about the tracking and controlling the solar panels using travelling robot technology. Solar Robots help to increase the efficiency of the solar power system. For a photovoltaic solar panel, following the sun’s path across the sky raises efficiency by 30-50%. This robotic sun tracker […]

>>> Robotic Solar-Panel Sun Tracking Technology Project

The goal of this project was to design a sub system that would power an MRI patient monitor. In order to be compatible with the MRI environment, the sub system would need to be able to withstand the magnetic fields of the MRI, while not presented any artifacts during the imaging process. This report explores […]

>>> Power Supply Design for MRI Patient Monitor in EMI Environment

The purpose of this project is to design and create a hand-held device that can detect stray voltage sources from a distance of a few meters away. The detector consists of a directional antenna, an analog signal processing circuit powered by a 9V battery, and a grounded shield to eliminate parasitic sources. The device is […]

>>> Stray Voltage Detector

Power Management is becoming a very important factor in the electrical engineering industry. With progresses in electronics and technology comes a reduction in available space for circuits, and thus comes a need for reducing the size of power management components of electronic devices. The goal of this project is to design and test a functional […]

>>> High Frequency DC-DC Boost Converter

This PWM Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Design project focuses on DC to AC power inverters, which aim to efficiently transform a DC power source to a high voltage AC source, similar to power that would be available at an electrical wall outlet. Inverters are used for many applications, as in situations where low voltage […]

>>> PWM Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Design at Low Cost

Azimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar Tracker project is to provide an efficient solar distributed generation system, a scaled down dual-axis solar tracker was designed, built and tested. At maximum, the solar tracker was perpendicular to the light source by 1.5 degrees. The built system had a calculated annual energy gain of 48.982% compared to an immobile […]

>>> Solar Tracker – Azimuth-Altitude Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

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